Who Am I?

I’m Charles Miske. I was certified as a personal trainer by ISSA. I have written numerous articles for a regional health and fitness newspaper. I taught Kung Fu and fitness for a Midwestern YMCA, and took private students in my garage. I have run in several trail 10k and half marathon, and a trail marathon. I have run in the International Elbrus Race twice, once taking 5th place. I was the training mentor for the guy who took 3rd. I was a bicycle commuter for over five years, riding as much as 200 miles a week before it was fashionable. I’ve been to the top of Mount Rainier twice, once in a major storm. I’ve been to the top of Kilimanjaro, and Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia. I run on Colorado Fourteeners for fun and training.

In 2007, after spending five years as a founding partner in a start-up I had somehow ballooned up from 181 when I began the company, to 243 pounds. I was shocked and started training hard to regain the fitness I once had. It wasn’t easy. I was quite a bit older now. Hard work paid off and I’ve been 185 for five years now. When I have a big race coming up I drift down to 175, but am happy at 185. BTW: That’s a loss of nearly 60 pounds that I’ve kept off now for a long time. That puts me in a special category of long term weight losers.

Charles Miske - Training with Trail Running in Winter at 9,500' in Colorado

Charles Miske – Training with Trail Running in Winter at 9,500′ in Colorado


If you want my help, my skilled, trained, experienced, knowledgeable help, I am here, with a slew of articles, news stories, and my newsletter. I have obtained the copyrights to several training manuals that I’m willing to share or sell, depending on the rights I’ve obtained. I share articles that I’ve written, or that were written by others, and I’ve edited them. The blog is a bit klunky as far as authorship credit goes, but if the copyright requires that I list an author I will be sure it’s there at the top of the article.

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